Retired actor Crockett Sumner gives the performance of his life as he juggles a critically fractured romance and his big sister’s terrifying cancer battle. Can he let down his dramatic guard long enough for a heartfelt confession, or has Crockett already lost the two people he loves most?

Lights of Shangrila Poster v0.5

Set in present-day cottage country, The Lights of Shangri-La takes audiences on an emotionally heightened magic carpet ride – first to the lofty stages of Broadway and network television news, then down to earth again where, sooner or later, the touchstones of childhood have a way of calling us all back home.


Shaun Toohey as Crockett Sumner

Cathy Nobleman as Pen Sumner (Crockett's sister)

Lucus Kenny as Ilya Petrov (Crockett's estranged lover)

Nisha Toomey as Maddy Sumner (Pen's daughter)

Directed by Sarah Hearn

Stage Manager: Josh Kemp

Set & Lighting Design:  David Magladry

Sound Design & Original Music:  Mike Heffernan

Make-up and Hair Design:  Corey Stone

Costumes: Glynis Ellens

Props Mistress:  Monique Ecroyd

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